g-pda.® how it works

g-pda.®  is a FileMaker ® -based relational database. it is fully mobile, multi-language, flexible and smart.


desktop start screen showing due and overdue tasks

after analysing your work-flows you will register all relevant basic-data only once.


basic data entry

next step is to work out an inventory of the actual stock and print labels with an QR®-code for every batch.

stock list showing plants due/overdue, quantities and other info. sortable by every column

once you have the whole stock registered every change in quantity, quality and place is documented just by scanning the labels with your staffs smart-phones, and printing new labels for freshly produced batches.


pot/bottle label showing all relevant info
and the corresponding tray label. if trays are used no need to scan all bottle labels, scanning the tray labels is sufficient


instead of writing down everything on paper you just need a mobile device and a label-printer to have up-to-date stock details on the go.

an automatic calculation of direct costs is available for every single plant including strong and simple evaluation tools.


charts as part of the evaluation can be sent to relevant managers automatically every night, every week, every months, every quarter, every year.

example morning report automatically send to the management staff showing how many people started working on which plants this morning

actual stock graded by culture, variety and stage/size