g-pda.® goes AI: diseases or varieties detected by smartphone!

AI and ML: artificial intelligence and machine learning now available to everybody in plant business! g-pda.®’s developers worked hard last weeks to integrate the latest technologies in IT to to our growers personal digital assistant. The result:

g-pda.® plant doctor in action

The brand new modules “g-pda.® Plant Doctor” and “g-pda.® Variety Checker”. Using individually trained models to detect diseases by taking a photo of a symptomatic leaf, classifying the pictures and let you know who or what is affecting your plants. In the next step g-pda.® will suggest treatments and automatically generate the recipe for your sprayer. Because we know how many square meters need to be treated. And you have a documentation of plant protection in the whole company. Everything mobile, everything accurate, just by taking photos, scanning and printing QR-code labels. Everything under control!

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