COMBI 5000 – g-pda.®STEPreadr now available!

The COMBI 5000 g-pda.®STEPreadr APP is now available in the App store.


Simply digitize all STEP-Systems COMBI 5000 measurements with your iPhone/iPad! Just take a photo of the measurement display and we use artificial intelligence to read out the measurement value. COMBI 5000 automatically recognizes what has just been measured. Whether pH value, activity (salinity in g/l) and moisture or the EC value of watering water or fertilizer solutions, a photo and everything is cleanly documented!

Test for yourself on IPM 2020 at our booth 7F33 JayVee Green Consult or at STEP-Systems 3E63.

g-pda.® on Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai

Meet us on Hortiflorexpo IPM

g-pda.®PlantDoctor is on its way to China. At the largest horticultural fair in Asia, g-pda® is represented at the German joint stand “Made in Germany” and presents the KI solutions for horticulture. From Saturday, 20.04.- Monday 22.04. Mr. Dipl.-Biol. Jens Varnskühler will present the complete mobile solution for your company at stand W5A85-6.

Inauguration of Bangalore HortiTech extension

Inauguration of Bangalore HortiTech extension

Jens in the middle of great Bangalore HortiTech staff. Far left Mr Nebaskhan and Mr Ramachandran, managing partners.

February 28th 2019 Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Today I had the great honor to inaugurate the latest lab extension of my dear friends Nebaskhan und Ramachandran, Bangalore HortiTech, Bangalore, India. 17 years back I was their first costumer, they had 3 people in a so called 3 bedroom lab. Nowadays they produce more than 5 mio highest quality tc plants only for export. With the extension the capacity will grow to more than 7 mio! I wish them all the best! Thank you my friends for more than 20 years real friendship!